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Mesh the Planet! 2018 Unconference

As a followup to the Internet Archive's [Decentralized Web Summit] taking place July 31 - August 3rd, members of Sudo Mesh will be hosting an unconference to bring together the decentralized internets community in the shared spirit of meshing the planet!

PLANNING NOTES (not for public wiki)


  • What: An unconference / hackathon around building and deploying the decentralized web
  • When: Saturday, August 4th, 11:30 - 6pm
  • Where: The Omni Commons' Sudo Room and/or its ballroom, located @ 4799 Shattuck Ave, Oakland, CA
    • Roughly half a mile north of the MacArthur BART station, ~20 mins from San Francisco


(Each role needs multiple volunteers. Add your name to anything you are wiling to do!)

  • Front desk - Mai,
  • MCs - Mai,
  • Lightning talk facilitators - Mai?, Benny,
  • Hackathon hardware facilitators -
  • Food - Scott/nanomonkey,
  • Setup - Jenny, Benny
  • Cleanup - Jenny,


Material Resources

See Aspiration Tech's Materials Shopping List

  • 3" x 5" un-ruled stickie notes, 1 pad per about 5 participants (Jenny will buy)
  • Fine point Sharpie markers (Jenny will buy)
  • 1/4" color dots for voting (in office)
  • Movable walls! (in ballroom)
  • Infinity coffee, snacks, and hydrating beverages
  • Tables and chairs
  • Power strips
  • Extension cords
  • External monitors
  • Mesh testbeds - Sudo Mesh, Toronto Mesh, others?
  • Cable crimping table - Cat5 cable, crimpers,
  • Swag table - buttons, stickers, pins, zines, tshirts etc!
  • Nametags
  • Sign-in sheet / pens
  • BYOI / PON schwag
  • Projector
  • Several easel pads - (pods can use these to write down the list of presenters)


  • 11:30 - 12:00 pm — Sign in/lunch
  • 12:00 - 12:30 pm — Introduction
  • 12:30 - 02:00 pm — Lightening talks/discussions
  • 02:00 - 02:15 pm — Break
  • 02:15 - 02:45 pm — Structured Brainstorm
  • 02:45 - 05:30 pm — Hackathon
  • 05:30 - 06:00 pm — Demos
  • 06:00 - Late — Evening fun timez

11:30 - 12 pm Sign-in


12 - 12:30pm Introduction

12:30 - 2pm Lightning talks/discussions

  • For the first 1.5 hours we'll do five-minute lightning talks. This is an opportunity to get on a soap box or facilitate a discussion for 5 minutes about whatever the hell you want. We're modeling this after the [lostlevels] unconference.
  • Depending on how many people attend, there will be a different number of simultaneous presentation pods. We need one pod per 15 presenters. This way each pod will finish presenting after about 15 presentations * (5 min presentation + 1 min setup) = 1.5 hrs
  • A presentation pod consists of:
    • 1 timekeeper (needs a volunteer)
    • A bunch of presenters
    • Probably some audience members who are not going to present
    • A space in which to present (probably just a quadrant of the ballroom, unless it gets too noisy. no projection or amplification.)

The Timekeeper

  • The timekeeper is extremely important! Every pod needs its own timekeeper.
  • The responsibilities of the timekeeper are:
    • Start a 5 minute timer when a presentation begins
    • Give the presenter a warning when they have only 1 minute left

The Presenter

  • Congratulations! You have been selected to present at Mesh the Planet 2018! Competition was fierce, but your proposal was exquisite. Now's your chance:
    • You will have 5 minutes to present about anything you want *or* 10 minutes to facilitate a discussion about anything you want
    • Find a facilitator with an easel pad and tell them your (pseudo)name and the title of your presentation / discussion. They will write both down on the easel pad.
    • The facilitator may ask you to find a different facilitator if their easel pad is already filled up.
    • Don't wander too far! When it's your turn to present, the facilitator will call your name out.
    • The facilitator will give you a visual warning when you have only 1 minute left, and when your time has run out.
    • Please be courteous and get off the soapbox when your time is up so we can move on to the next presentation.

The Audience Members

  • When you are not presenting, you are an audience member! Your responsibilities are:
    • Pay attention to your peers!
    • Move to a different pod if you are bored
    • Applaud enthusiastically when the presentation is over

2pm - 2:15pm Break

2:15 - 2:45 Structured Brainstorm with Sticky Notes

  • 3 min - Writing by yourself (as many ideas as possible)
  • 10 min - Posting notes to wall + organizing notes into related groups
  • 15 min - Sharing out what groups of ideas developed / deciding what to hack on in remaining time

2:30pm - 5:30pm: HACKATHON

Deploying mesh services live to People's Open Network!

  • We'll have a stack of Home Nodes (WD MyNet routers) and NAS devices and can spend the day deploying various services and building our own internet!

5:30pm - 6pm Demos

- Show off what you hacked on in Sudo Room

6pm - Late Evening funtimes

  • Food? Karaoke? Dance party??