Mesh/Meraki Sparky Enclosure Design

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notes about an enclosure for the Maraki Sparky

first pass

A sketchup drawing. There is a ruby plugin that provides an option to export a sketchup drawing as an STL file.

Maraki Sparky box-1.jpg

The idea is for an enclosure that has a slot on the inner sides into which the Meraki Sparky PCB can slide. Then there might be a single screw that can be inserted from the bottom in order to keep the PCB from sliding out. Next design should have:

  • the standoff extending from the top, but short enough to clear the PCB components
  • the slide-in slots should be near the bottom of the box
  • the opening should have a curved front to accommodate the angled ethernet/power connections
  • the back should have a mounting hole for the antenna

Find the sketchup drawing, in progress, at: