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*[http://www.netwood.net Netwood DSL]
*[http://www.netwood.net Netwood DSL]
*[http://www.hughesnet.com Hughes Net Satellite Internet]
*[http://www.hughesnet.com Hughes Net Satellite Internet]
From deprecated [[Mesh/Communities]] page (needs merging with above).
+ = contact(s)
! = rooftop(s)
$ = interested in a space
''Italics are relevant musings.''
''See also [http://meshmap.sudoroom.org prospective node map]''
*West Oakland*!$
*San Antonio*!
*Adam's Point*!
*Ghost Town*!
*Oakland 5th Ave Marina*!
''Resilient communication; internship opportunities; mentorship''
*Laney College*$
*Talk to Hilary Naylor [Oakland Unified School District]
''Hooking up library catalogs would be rad... and libraries are the last bastion of nurturing public spaces.''
*Talk to Ivan
==Public Areas==
''Public wifi on the streets and in parks''
*Lake Merritt
*[http://oaklandwiki.org/Mosswood_Recreation_Center?&redirected_from=mosswood%20recreational%20center Mosswood Recreation Center] in Mosswood Park.
==Cohousing Communities==
''Hyperlocal economies/sharing/barter/timebank; resilient communication tools; neighborhood watch; storytelling''
*[https://www.cohousing.org/directory/view/2618 Swan's Market]
*[https://www.cohousing.org/directory/view/21228 Hidden Creek]
*[https://www.cohousing.org/directory/view/5928 Mariposa Grove]
*[https://www.cohousing.org/directory/view/6221 Temescal Commons]
*[https://www.cohousing.org/directory/view/6222 Temescal Creek]
*[https://www.cohousing.org/directory/view/20710 Triple Point]
==Urban Farms & Community Gardens==
''Hook up sensors to be informed eg; if garden needs water, coordinate shifts, info on plant care, cropswap coordination...''
*[http://www2.oaklandnet.com/Government/o/opr/s/cgardening/index.htm Official list of community gardens in Oakland]
*[http://oaklandwiki.org/People%27s_Grocery The People's Grocery]
*[http://www.phatbeetsproduce.org/ Phat Beets]
*[http://www.cityslickerfarms.org/ City Slicker Farms]
*[http://oaklandwiki.org/Ghost_Town_Farm?&redirected_from=ghost%20town%20farms Ghost Town Farms]
==Farmer's Markets==
''Announcing special kinds of produce / advertising healthy local food and crafts/vendors''
*Oakland Wiki has [http://oaklandwiki.org/Farmers%27_Markets a great list]!
==Organizations Working to End the Digital Divide==
It may be possible to get seed funding or community outreach help from organizations that are working to end the "digital divide."
*FCC Connect America Fund - FCC initiative to expand broadband to underserved communities. Budget up to $4.5 billion per year. https://www.fcc.gov/general/connect-america-fund-caf
*FCC National Broadband Plan - A policy-making initiative of the FCC to expand internet access - https://www.fcc.gov/general/national-broadband-plan
*HUD Connect Home - US Government program through Housing and Urban Development to bring cheap ($10 per month) broadband to underserved areas using existing ISPs - http://connecthome.hud.gov/
*Everyone On - NGO - working to bring affordable 4G service to undeserved communities in the United States - $1.8 million per year in income. Headquartered in Washington DC. http://everyoneon.org/
*Close The Gap - NGO - Mostly focused on providing computers and internet to the developing world. €6.3 million in assets. Headquartered in Belgium. http://close-the-gap.org/
*Computers for Everyone - Menlo Park, CA based NGO working to provide reused computers to low income community members - http://www.computersforeveryone.org/
*Computers For Classrooms - Chico, CA based NGO working to provide reused computers to low income community members - http://www.computersforclassrooms.org/
*Computers 4 Kids - Sacramento, CA based NGO working to provide reused computers to low income community members - http://www.c4kca.org/
==Local Businesses==
''Free wifi attracts new people; community bulletin boards; local media streams''
*Taco trucks!
*Give a presentation to the Oakland Rotary Club: http://www.oakland-rotary.org/
*Give a presentation to the Berkeley Rotary Club: http://berkeleyrotary.org/
''DIY instructables; Microcontroller projects; developing application; community media; community bulletin boards to promote classes and events; find tools / skilled people / projects''
*[https://sudoroom.org sudo room]*!$
*[http://oaklandmakerspace.wordpress.com Liberating Ourselves Locally]*!
*[http://thecrucible.org The Crucible]*!
*[http://acemonstertoys.org Ace Monster Toys]*!?$
*[http://mothership.hackermoms.org/ Hacker Moms]*!?
*[http://www.nimbyspace.org/ Nimby Space]!
*[http://counterculturelabs.org Counter Culture Labs]*!$
==Community Media==
''Local streams from community spaces that foster self-expression, art and politics; archives and zine library; radio podcasts; ''
*[http://youthradio.org Youth Radio]*!
*[http://oaklandnorth.net/ Oakland North]*
*[http://oaklandlocal.org Oakland Local]*
*[http://www.akpress.org/ AK Press]
*[http://inkworkspress.com/ Inkworks]
*[http://slingshot.tao.ca Slingshot]
*[http://www.timelessinfinitelight.com/ Timeless, Infinite Light]*
*[http://www.pmpress.org PM Press]
''By Donation-based gift economies and lending libraries; solidarity organizing; "craigslist free and de facto locally-relevant"''
*[http://www.urbanstrategies.org/ Urban Strategies]*!
*[http://www.otxwest.org Oakland Technology Exchange West]*! - Tons of equipment for building computers, which they then give away/work-trade to local youth who need them!
*[http://oaklanddaylabor.com/ Oakland Workers' Collective] - Day laborers organization.
*[http://grassrootshouse.org The Grassroots House] - Workspace for radical organizers. In Berkeley.
*[http://www.youthuprising.org/ Youth Uprising]
*[http://thelonghaul.org/ The Long Haul]*! - Infoshop.
*[http://urbanhabitat.org Urban Habitat]
*[http://www.techbridgegirls.org Techbridge] - supporting girls in science and technology
*[www.lbcenter.org Lions Center for the Blind] - Assistive reading technologies; CCTV & Braile writer lending library. Founded in the 1930s.
''Community events/gathering organizing; skill-sharing; documentation''
*[http://aplaceforsustainableliving.org/ A PLACE for Sustainable Living]*! - Permaculture mecca located at 1121 64th St in Oakland.
*[http://rpscollective.org/ Rock Paper Scissors Collective]*!? - Arts collective and neighbor-friend of sudo's.
*[http://oaklandwiki.org/Sustaining_Ourselves_Locally Sustaining Ourselves Locally]*! - Food justice collective and neighbor-friend of LOL's.
*[http://theholdout.org The Holdout]*!
*[http://oaklandwiki.org/The_Vulcan The Vulcan]*!
==Worker-Owned Cooperatives==
''Self-organizing and coordination tools; hyperlocal economies; ''
*[http://designaction.org Design Action Collective]*!
*[http://radicaldesigns.org/ Radical Designs]*!
*[http://arizmendi.coop/ Arizmendi]!
*[http://oaklandwiki.org/Mandela_Foods_Cooperative Mandela Foods Cooperative]!
*[http://www.dig.coop/ DIG Cooperative]
''These projects are headed by friend's of the mesh group and could plug in in some really interesting ways:''
*[http://nerdsfornature.org Nerds for Nature]*
*[http://oaklandwiki.org Oakland Wiki]*
*[http://timebank.sfbace.org/ BACE Timebank]*$
*[http://sunsynchrony.com/ Sun Synchony]*!
*[http://openoakland.org Open Oakland]*
*[http://eastbayprisonersupport.wordpress.com East Bay Prisoner Support]
*[http://timelistgroup.org Timelist Group]*$
*[https://twitter.com/RADBRAINS4LYFE Rad Brains] - Radical mental health collective. #mutualaid
No contacts, but seem interesting:
*[http://groundscoreco.com/about/ Groundscore Collective] - Public art.
*Talk to landlords who own a fair number of properties.
*Find folks who might be interested in doing curriculum development for getting kids engaged in community media.
*How to remain the anti-Ingress? http://searchengineland.com/ingress-googles-ar-game-a-stealth-local-data-effort-175417
*More psychogeographic explorations of the urban landscape in which we live and move
**Integrate with bioblitz (NFN).
*Housing projects?
*Put a post on NextDoor for each neighborhood - http://nextdoor.com
*Do a presentation/focus group at LOL
*Make contacts at schools and libraries
*Pitch the mesh at an upcoming Open Oakland monthly general meeting
*curriculum development
=Maps of High Demand Areas=
[Http://i.imgur.com/NuVLk5j.png Areas where people bike and run] - based on [http://labs.strava.com/heatmap/#13/-122.26461/37.82212/blue/both Strava Data]
[http://i.imgur.com/lNt0CvR.png Areas where people take photos] - based on [http://www.sightsmap.com/ Sightmaps]
[http://i.imgur.com/xbrJI16.png Homes with fiber to the end user] - based on [http://www.broadbandmap.gov/technology Broadband.gov]
=Map of the Backbone Fiber, Data Centers and Free Wifi in Oakland and Berkeley=
[https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=z0NRPXTT9E8s.kKCA6hyEgsQA Map of the East Bay]
Red Lines = Existing backbone fiber optic lines in the East Bay
Red Dots = Data Centers connected the the internet backbone (which can be used for future exit nodes)
Green Dots = Existing Relay Nodes with internet access
Blue Dots = Existing Mesh Nodes without internet access
Light Gray Dots = Locations with free wifi (which could become future relay nodes)
Dark Gray Dots = Locations that would benefit from free internet