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This page has been marked as stale, as it is outdated to the point of providing significant misinformation. Please update it before linking other pages here.

We now use a number of other tools to manage our active tasks. As of June 2018, we use Trello for kanban boards, and we set a weekly list of action items at each Tuesday meeting.

Below are a list of To Do items, separated by topical area. If you decide to take one on, please post your name after the item and send a note to the mailing list with your plan of action! We welcome contributions of tasks, also :)

Community Outreach ToDos

  • Conduct User Research on what sorts of Local Services people would like to have [Jenny, you?]
  • Write up a compelling argument for mesh re: disaster preparedness [cite sources] [Jenny, you?]
  • Outreach to churches with succinct argument [cite examples, e.g.; Sandy relief]
  • Poster/flier at local coffeeshops, bikeshops, co-ops, collectives, community resource spaces, etc;
  • Walkabouts/canvassing in E Oakland, Berkeley, Downtown Oakland
  • Find folks in El Cerrito / Albany who can help us link up to the Internet Archive's Richmond node
  • Presentations / talks / events promo
  • See if people in school system want to work with us to ensure every student has home connectivity
  • Convince libraries to share their connectivity

Operational Logistics

Marketing / Branding

  • Blog posts [Jenny, you?]
  • Articles & Research [Jenny, you?]
  • Photo album [OpenPhoto?]
  • Design 'pods' for the outdoor routers [eg; birdhouses, planterboxes]
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Fliers
  • Poems, songs and flags
  • Bios, titles and photos of team members


  • More brainstorming on local applications
    • Timebank
    • Sensors - noise, gunshots, pollution [talk to nerds for nature]
    • Hosting - Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone black provisioning; mesh app distributions; etc.
  • See Software ToDo for ToDo items related to firmware and software.