Mesh/Wood st solar 4G


  • Do LiFePo4 batteries off-gas or can they be sealed?
  • Is there existing infrastructure where we can mount stuff

To buy



Is there a good OpenWRT router with USB? USB 2 is probably fine. Possibilities:


One of those 12V LiFePO4 modules that look like a lead acid battery and includes BMS? Downside: Monitoring state of charge from voltage is hard but we probably don't need that, just low voltage cut-off.

Battery cut-off circuit

Solar charge controller

  • Just one of those MPPT things of ebay/amazon
  • Also maybe we could try to make one of the devices though the microcontroller can be scarce (mouser has them right now)

Solar panel

We want a flexible panel. Maybe 100 W.


Need to sync with folks there.