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The milliscope

A thing for viewing small things, but larger-than-microscopic things.

Annotated milliscope
Annotated milliscope, zoomed view.


The milliscope has a zoom level between 9x and 34.5x. At max zoom level, it will make half a quarter fill the 20 inch monitor.

Look at the photos on the right for reference.

  • To begin, turn on the monitor and the lamp.
  • Place your object of interest on the table under the camera.
  • Adjust zoom by moving the camera up and down by turning the wheel on the cylinder.
  • Adjust focus by turning the big cylinder as indicated on the photo.
If the focus is all out of whack, you want the cylinder to be only slightly extended.
  • If there is too much or too little light, stick your fingers up the focous-adjustment cylinder and feel for the lense (a smaller cylinder) and turn it to adjust the aperture, changing the amount of light that gets to the camera.

At the moment the camera is always on, so you don't need to turn it on or off.


Based on the Enlargoscope from Noisebridge.

Created by Jake, Marina, Matt and Juul.