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== Topics ==
== Topics ==
* [[Movement/Cars]]
* [[Movement/Trains]]  
* [[Movement/Trains]]  
* [[Movement/Rideshare]]
* [[Movement/Rideshare]]

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A group around transportation fun. This includes all forms of transportation: walking, driving, trains, subways, metros, biking, hiking, cars, motorcycles, wheelbarrows, and more!


For some initial projects we'll start with commercial APIs and then gradually move out to open source as resources permit. Anything added to the SudoRoom GitHub repo should eventually be mostly open source.


Some members are hacking a Tesla


  • How can we help rail thrive & survive in the American West? -> Amtrack supporting project. Do people even know how trains work anymore? Whatever happened to those cool elaborate model train sets that you see in museums in Germany? a mega exhibit in Munich
  • Alternatives to for-profit rideshare in the Bay Area & the Lyft / Uber monopolies
  • Bike lane innovations & changing the environment to make bicycling better for all
  • Weird art around transportation
  • Education - if you hack on a car or a boat, you will learn more about how they work, how they are commercially created. Who cares about the end product? the journey is the process!
  • Security group discussions about tracking cars overlapped - Security_Overview#Hardware


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Past workshops:

Sessions Minutes

  • January 2017 - we are still larval! Amassing all the past projects and pasting them together into this place on the wiki.