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It goes without saying that people at SudoRoom are very pro bicycle. We even had our own shared community shared SudoBike along with a SudoBike trailer.

There were (in no order) bike education workshops, a bicycle porn film festival, and various LED bike projects at one time or another.

New Pathways

As part of the movement group it would be interesting to see this topic be expanded into areas like:

  • Creatively and preemptively Painting bike lanes to make streets more safe for cyclists
  • Creative ways to push or Bicycle advocacy
  • Interesting variations of bike parties and bike mobs
  • Growing plants and fermenting wine while you bike (something to collaborate with Counter Culture Labs with next door) - perhaps using the pedals as some kind of energy producing current
  • Using bicycles as nodes on the People'sNet open network - would it work
  • Creative ways to connect bikes to the internet and use them as some kind of performance art piece by leaving random bikes on the side of the road with small cameras (surveillance ?) and seeing who takes them and see what they do with them