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For more information about sudo room's systems in general, see Systems Administration

The sudo room network provides internal networking, internet access, wireless service, and some externally accessible devices or services.

Main PoE ethernet switch =

  • HP ProCurve 2910al-480-PoE+ switch
  • username: manager or operator
  • password: Ask juul or someone on the sysadmins list
  • MAC address main switch: a0:b3:cc:ac:e7:c0
  • MAC address backup switch (not turned on): c0:91:34:c4:12:00
  • Port 1 is VLAN 1 untagged, acting as DHCP client, is management VLAN
  • Management possible via HTTP (no SSL) or SSH
  • Port 1 is for management, untagged no VLAN and requests an IP using DHCP (not plugged into anything right now)
  • Port 2 and 3 are for tagged access to VLANs 2 and 3 (public and private)
  • Ports 4 to 24 are for untagged access to VLAN 2 (public)
  • Ports 25 to 48 are for untagged access to VLAN 3 (private)


Internet access comes from LMI. The modem is connected through VDSL copper next to the Omni main electrical panels.

The modem is up in the rack area near saros (a desktop computer running Debian Stretch) which serves as the primary gateway router.

Our public IP is aka


  • Wifi subnet:
    • to legacy static range
    • to DHCP
  • Wired subnet:
    • to unused for now
    • to self assigned static range
    • to DHCP

This list of static IPs may not be complete. Before choosing a static IP, please use ping or nmap to check it first.

By request, we can reserve an IP from the DHCP pool and/or forward ports for you. Please send the MAC address and/or desired ports to

Machines with static IPs
IPv4 Address IPv6 or MAC Address Assigned to Notes Who set it up? saros router Yar saros router Yar fd4f:dc5d:8d1::1 space.local Former gateway/router. Located in the sudo room server "room". maxb and somebody omnidoor beaglebone black controlling the door juul and jake No IPv6 address No host name Dell PowerConnect 5324 24 port gigabit switch juul No IPv6 address No host name Dell PowerConnect 5448 48 port gigabit switch juul fe80::219:b9ff:fe17:821c reproxy.local Load balancer and reverse proxy (not yet in commission). wrought fe80::214:22ff:feb0:606 shell.local Shell server (not yet in commission). wrought BespokeBridge temporary wireless bridge to LaCommuneFront for public terminals near den in upstairs mezzanine wrought nodeconf.local The sudo mesh node configuration and build server Primarily juul and maxb 00:21:b7:80:59:47 ET0021B7805947.local Lexmark T654dn laser printer jerkey Brother HL-2270DW laser printer (wifi) yar 00:17:31:e6:01:a3 3d-printer.local 3d printer desktop computer & giant_robot_arm serial host jake C0:3F:D5:6F:25:68 orangenuk.local orange fanless PC connected to the big TV above skülgaard jake omniphwn asterisk telephony server jake through .60 voip telephone extensions jake and muxlux 78:a5:04:ca:a4:f7 vending1.local vending machine beaglebone? jake b8:27:eb:14:14:36 vending2.local brown vending machine raspi jake Used only to build sudo mesh firmware and turned off when not in use. meshbuild.local sudo mesh build server juul ccl.local The Counter Culture Labs server. Located in the sudo room server rack. juul spartacus.local Dell desktop proxy server, apt server, for setting up new computers biged ruckus_wifi_controller ? mynet ?

Wireless Access Points

All of the indoor wifi is being served up by TP-Link N750 routers modified for PoE running OpenWRT and configured as bridges with static IPs.

SSID Security Key MAC IP Channel Location Hardware Who set it up? open n/a Find Me 161 (5ghz) On flagpole on roof Ubiquiti NanoBeam juul open n/a Find Me 11 (2.4ghz) and 36 (5ghz) Above entrance to CCL TP-Link N750 juul open n/a Find Me 6 (2.4ghz) and 165 (5ghz) middle of basement TP-Link N750 juul
sudomesh open n/a Find Me 11 zip-tied near server rack Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 Loco juul
Omni Ballroom open n/a Find Me 11 Ballroom near stage Ubiquiti Picostation 2 maxb