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For more information about sudo room's systems in general, see Systems Administration

The sudo room network provides internal networking, internet access, wireless service, and some externally accessible devices or services. Information about the various devices in use and their configuration is available below.

If you wish to connect to the local mesh network, then you can either connect using the wifi network, or you can connect using ethernet through the D-Link DIR-601A router on the shelf next to the main switch. Use DHCP to get a IP address on the mesh network. The router will handle the meshing protocol for you and also provide you with normal Internet access.


Network Info

Internet access is via space.local, a rackmount server running Ubuntu 14.04. If you follow the ethernet cable from the LMI modem through the patch panel, this is the first box connected to it.



Our public IP is aka



  • Internal subnet:
  • DHCP range: to


IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Assigned to Notes Who set it up? / fd4f:dc5d:8d1::1 space.local / Our gateway. Located in the sudo room server "room". maxb and somebody No IPv6 address No host name Dell PowerConnect 5324 24 port gigabit switch juul No IPv6 address No host name Dell PowerConnect 5448 48 port gigabit switch juul fe80::219:b9ff:fe17:821c reproxy.local Load balancer and reverse proxy (not yet in commission). wrought fe80::214:22ff:feb0:606 shell.local Shell server (not yet in commission). wrought the 3d printer desktop computer yar nodeconf.local The sudo mesh node configuration and build server Primarily juul and maxb Brother HL-2270DW laser printer (wifi) yar Used only to build sudo mesh firmware and turned off when not in use. meshbuild.local sudo mesh build server juul ccl.local The Counter Culture Labs server. Located in the sudo room server rack. juul hackomat.local The hack-o-mat vending machine. juul omnidoor.local Dell laptop controlling the main Omni door access. juul spartacus.local Dell desktop proxy server, apt server, for setting up new computers biged -

Wireless Access Points

SSID Security Key MAC IP Channel Location Hardware Who set it up?
sudomesh open n/a Find Me 11 zip-tied near server rack Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 Loco juul
Omni Ballroom open n/a Find Me 11 Ballroom near stage Ubiquiti Picostation 2 maxb