New Member Script

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Questions we can ask prospective members at meetings!

Primary Questions:

PROMPT: There are no wrong answers

Would you like to briefly introduce yourself?

How did you find sudo room?

Why do you want to be a sudo room member?

What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room?

What do you want to share with or teach at sudo room?

Optional Questions:

What do you know about Sudoroom's values?

What do you know about Sudoroom's history?

Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace or any other collective?

Are you a cop? An undercover cop? A federal agent?

What's 20 + 3?


Get them set up to pay membership dues on Gratipay or through Bitcoin.

Put them into the Seltzer database.

Give them Wordpress, Wiki accounts.

Subscribe them to mailing list(s).