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Sudo Clock


Firmware uses the standard ESP8266 SDK. Any version from 1.4.0 should work, but newer (past 1.5.0) has many bug fixes and optimizations.

The current version is available in the talk branch on GitHub. Once your SDK is setup running make should be enough to getting it running. Check the make file for various config options, most likely you'll want to set WIFI_SSID and WIFI_PWD if you're not intending to connect it to Beyond that ESPPORT is the only other thing you change, if the device is not appearing as /dev/ttyUSB0


Talk Script

 var dgram = require("dgram");
 var msg = process.argv.pop();

 var pos = 0;

 var socket = dgram.createSocket("udp4");

 function pushMessage(e) {
   var b = new Buffer(9);
   b.write(msg.slice(pos, pos + 8));
   b.write("\0", 8);

   socket.send(b, 0, b.length, 1234, "", function(e) {

     if(msg.length - pos >= 8)
       setTimeout(pushMessage, 1000);


This can the be used like node talk.js "HELLO, SUDOROOM"```