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SudoRoom is dedicated to OpenSource.

Talk to any random member, associate or visitor and you'll definitely get a full ear's worth of conversation about why open source is so important.

  • Fridays we have a LINUX installFest party
  • Our github repo is chock full of open source deliciousness
  • Many people are working on the OpenSource SudoMesh Network, an open source free internet for Oakland for the PEOPLE!!! video


Linux InstallFest Fridays

Every Friday night at SudoRoom!


  • Welcome new users to GNU/Linux, and other unix-like operating systems, as well as encourage self-directed and peer-learning!
  • Create an environment to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor installing, using, supporting, developing, and fixing operating systems based on Linux, and other similar unix-like operating systems, especially those that are Free Software / Open Source!
  • Support use and improvement of Linux for computers in the Omni Commons building, as well as the wider community (wherever they may be--work, home, public spaces, etc)!
  • Experiment with using programs that run on the Linux system to help solve problems in our daily lives, especially by re-purposing tools beyond their original, intended use!

Project ideas:

  • Internet radio with Icecast and Darkice!
  • Server / network / systems administration funnnn!
  • Net install (linux)
  • Configurations
  • Provisioning
  • Shell servers
  • Network maintenance
  • Mesh networking (see
  • Lightweight systems (damn small linux, lubuntu, arch, etc)
  • Raspberrypi, arduino, beaglebone, ti, etc.
  • Cyanogenmod, other android distributions!
  • Privacy / Security
  • Tails, the amnesic operating system!
  • TOR project