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[[Sudo room#Approaches|''<< Back to Sudo Room Approaches'']]
#REDIRECT [[Spaces]]
Below are the various details for opening a new space, moving, or otherwise investigating comparative space options for sudo room, ancillary projects, etc.
[[Spaces#Current|Currently considered]] and [[Spaces#Archive|archived]] potential spaces (locations) available on the [[Spaces]] page.
* Opportunity to work with collaborators like [[The Public School]], [[Timeless, Infinite Light]], and others.
* Take a look at http://space.sudoscience.org.
==Estimate of Current Cost for a Space==
* Details coming from Marc:
==Precise Constraints==
Check this list for '''up-to-date constraints'''
===Minimum Requirements===
Our absolute minimum for a space:
*BART is close by
*Disability / wheelchair access
*Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is ''possible''.
*Sink (at least one, but preferably outside of bathroom)
*Late access (preferably 24 hour)
*Ability to make some noise (at least event noise)
*Security and privacy
**e.g. not a hallway or shared access with other tenants we don't know.
*Landlord must either support the idea or be agnostic to it--not against.
===Flexible Agilities===
Things we are flexible about--that put us at an advantage to landlords:
*Can deal with no heat/air (Is this an agility? Actually, heat is pretty important, we should be able to be comfortable and invite guests who can be reasonably comfortable at our events).
*Carpet or flooring not important
*Can live without amenities or luxuries.
*Windows are nice, but open to non-windowed spaces.
*Little to no build-out necessary for initial space.
*Can move in very soon.
===Other Requirements===
Things we should keep in mind beyond the bare minimum:
*Min size: ___ Max size: ___
*Min price: ___ Max price: ___
Amenities and other bonuses--a "wish list" if you will:
*Roof access
*Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is readily available and secure or private.
*BART is ''extremely close''.
*Landlord ''loves us''.
*Combined residential zoning / accommodation.
*Proximity to other groups doing interesting things that we can collaborate or cross-pollinate with (like Bay Area Public School)
== Options under consideration as of November 2013 ==
Potential new locations for sudo room to rent/buy.
*48th and Shattuck
:Huge space. Being investigated by a working group. Talk to Matt or [[User:Juul|Juul]] ([[User talk:Juul|talk]]) for access to info.
*[[8th and Alice]]
:Very similar to Noisebridge's space. In chinatown. Two blocks from Lake Merritt BART.
== See also ==
* [[Spaces]]
* [[Sudo room#Approaches]]

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