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"Phreaking is a slang term coined to describe the activity of a culture of people who study, experiment with, or explore telecommunication systems, such as ..."

CAT5 Wire Hacks

100Mbps Data & 2-Line Phone J.aC.k(R)

This hack allows the use of a single CAT5 wire to carry both a full duplex 100Mpbs connection and two phone lines. This can be achieved by " hot splicing" an existing connection; however since this particular hack was tested and developed at sudo room using the only available broadband link I figured I'd try extending it by creating a splicer/adapter that could simply be added in-line with an existing connection, without the risk of splicing a substantially long cable.

A relatively simple way to put one of these together is to start with a shorter CAT5 patch cable, and cut it in half. In this case using a cable with T568B wiring, meaning you'll have an orange pair on pins 1 & 2, and green on 3 & 6. These pins essentially become pass thru connections in the resulting connector. This now frees up the blue and brown pair of wires to be used for phone lines.

Combinging a keystone jack and a POTS wall jack with the CAT5 pigtail creates a configuration allowing for the connection of a RJ-45 cable and a 2-Line RJ-11 cable into a single CAT5 transmission line.

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