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We are rebooting sudo room and becoming sudo space with a much

How much money do we raise?

We will be trying to raise both recurring gittip donations but also a one-time amount. The idea is that the one time amount will allow us to pay the rent for 6 months and that the six months will be enough to get enough members and/or groups for the new.

Let's say we want to raise $40,000. Six months rent is $6,000. Let's say $500 a month for other expenses, so that's $39,000.

We are getting about $1,800 to $1,900 a month right now, so we should only really need $28,200, and that's assuming we're alone in the new space.

Let's assume we need to get to $4,000 a month to sustain, and then have two other groups contributing $1,000 each or one group of $2,000. That means we need to double our monthly income.

Current income: ~$1850. That's equivalent to:

  • ~93 people paying $20 a month.
  • or ~62 people paying $30 a month.
  • or ~46 people paying $40 a month
  • or ~37 people paying $50 a month

In order to get $4000 a month we need the equivalent of:

  • ~200 people paying $20 a month
  • or ~133 people paying $30 a month
  • or ~100 people paying $40 a month
  • or ~80 people paying $50 a month.

Or we could just get 500 people paying $1 a week on gittip on top of existing income and we'd be at about $4,000 a month.

If we didn't manage to get very many new members after moving, and could only afford $2,000 a month, the $40,000 would still let us stay in the space for about 10-11 months, which is enough to figure out other solutions (e.g. a cheaper space or the omni).

This is all assuming we're only responsible for $4,000 a month and not the full $6,000.