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This is a program document for the physical room layout and a scratch pad for associated notes, research and observations Tlevine (talk) 19:59, 3 August 2013 (PDT)


A program document specifies the requirements of a space without concern for how these requirements will be met. By coming up with a program before planning the specific layout, we separate the concerns of specifying requirements and implementing those specifications.

Potentially relevant observations small inferences

I recorded these observations on August 3, 2013, during the reorganization weekend. They should represent how the room was normally arranged before that.

I should add some pictures so that everything below makes sense.


These observations focus more on objects rather than how people interact with them. You might call these "traces" or "leftovers" or other things depending on the exact observation.

  • Junk often accumulates in on the main table.
  • There are plants all over the place, but there's no special place for them.
  • Each table has access to power plugs.
  • Those big yellow papers are all over the place. (Does anyone read them?)
  • High shelves aren't used very much. (Maybe they're hard to reach.)


  • The stuff on the windowsill is rarely used.
  • DoraBot and empty arcades are rarely used but not stored in the closet. (These are big; maybe we should come up with a better way of storing big things.)
  • People plug into the speakers quite a bit.
  • Do people ever access things from the cubbies?

Features that could be documented

The existance of these things might be particularly good to document in the room.


Things people want

Some people like clean, and some people make messes, so we want to separate clean from messy. (Largely Jordan's suggestion)

Things we need

  • There should be lots of easily-accessible big shelves where can dump their junk so they don't leave it in the middle of the room.