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Interface IP

  1. Enter Configuration Mode
    PIX ConfigureMode.png
  2. From the Device Setup Menu, Select Interfaces
    PIX InterfacesMenu.png
  3. Select the interface who's settings you want to modify and click Edit
    PIX Interfaces.png
  4. Enter new IP Address and Subnet Mask. Click OK.
    PIX InterfaceEdit.png
  5. Click Apply.

Default Gateway

This need only be done if you're modifying the Internet connection.

  1. But wait! What about the default gateway! Expand the Routing menu option and select Static Routes
    PIX StaticRouteMenu.png
  2. There should only be one entry, it should have the IP Address (This means ALL traffic). Select it and click Edit
    PIX StaticRoutes.png
  3. Enter the new Gateway IP and click OK
    PIX StaticRouteEdit.png
  4. Click Apply.


You've successfully change the IP information!