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This is the sudo room gateway. It is located in the sudo room server "room".

  • External hostname:
  • Internal hostname (mDNS): meshbuild.local
  • Internal IP (static):
  • ssh port: 60643

It's a Dell SC1425 with:

  • Dual 2.8 Ghz Xeon dual-core processors
  • 6 GB ram
  • 750 GB harddrive.

It runs the following services:


iptables handles port forwarding and masquerading (NAT). The configuration file is:


To change this, use normal iptables commands to modify the iptables configuration and save it using:

sudo iptables-save > /etc/iptables.rules


dnsmasq handles DNS only. It has some entries for the .sudo domain, such as stuff.sudo in the config file:


Look for the line:



dhcpd is our dhcp server. The config file is:


web server

nginx is the web server and reverse proxy. It has a few virtual hosts.

default (e.g:

The only thing currently on here is which lets people remotely boot the sudo mesh build server.

stuff.sudo (internal only)

Our inventory tracking and labelling system. It prints labels on the Brother QL-570 thermal label printer located next to the Type A Machines 3D printer.