Please look at some of these (they're in order of radness, in my humble opinion):



  • Occupy Oakland list of open spaces
  • Craigslist
  • Possible space with TechLiminal on 14th and Harrison
    • Anca has suggested we could pay to use their space, store some of our stuff. Note: Techliminal is still perfectly happy to host our meetup for free.
  • The Holdout (related to Occupy Oakland) opportunity for "Collectives".
    • 2313 San Pablo Big green building
  • The Omni, large building in Temescal being bought & turned into event / maker / housing space

Listings Spreadsheet

Location Name Link Price Meet Min Reqs? Notes
14th and Harrison, Oakland, CA Techliminal ? Mostly, need to inquire about security/privacy Offer from Anca to store stuff, or figure out some shared working space/time/price.
1825 San Pablo Ave, Oakland, CA (Downtown, close to 19th st BART) East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation's new future office map Talk to EBALDC ? (cost by square foot, plans still in works for 1st floor) Definitely, fits very well toward Sudo Space goals (but will not be open for some time). 2nd floor will be EBALDC's new office, bottom floor is open, looking for tenants, plans, divisions, etc. Former shelter, full kitchen, showers / bathrooms, ample plumbing. Zoned for commercial use, so residential is fine, etc. Opportunities to work with EBALDC on build-out plans. Opening likely in 1-2 years.
8410 Amelia Street Nimbyspace $350 per month for a 20' shipping container 1/2 mile from Colosseum BART station. No services in the area. Perhaps a candidate for long term storage or special projects with an industrial focus. Not a good choice for the everyday space for Sudo Room. Plugged into the Burning Man community at a deep level.
2135 Broadway, Oakland, CA George's Building Streetview map Depends on office Close to bart, disability accessible (ground-level access, elevator in back, now part of an office so more exclusive), shared classroom space, other spaces available before they are rented, also able to move to different open offices in the building. 2135 Broadway Tenants Good opportunity to move in here on a month-to-month since offices open here fairly regularly. Can use the shared classroom (very large) for meetings + workshops, need to talk with property manager to sort it out. (Three spaces available.)
Location (New Entry) Name Link Price Meet Min Reqs? Notes

Precise Constraints

Check this list for up-to-date constraints

Minimum Requirements

Our absolute minimum for a space:

  • BART is close by
  • Disability / wheelchair access
  • Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is possible.
  • Bathroom
  • Sink (at least one, but preferably outside of bathroom)
  • Late access (preferably 24 hour)
  • Ability to make some noise (at least event noise)
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Security and privacy
    • e.g. not a hallway or shared access with other tenants we don't know.
  • Landlord must either support the idea or be agnostic to it--not against.

Flexible Agilities

Things we are flexible about--that put us at an advantage to landlords:

  • Can deal with no heat/air (Is this an agility? Actually, heat is pretty important, we should be able to be comfortable and invite guests who can be reasonably comfortable at our events).
  • Carpet or flooring not important
  • Can live without amenities or luxuries.
  • Windows are nice, but open to non-windowed spaces.
  • Little to no build-out necessary for initial space.
  • Can move in very soon.

Other Requirements

Things we should keep in mind beyond the bare minimum:

  • Min size: ___ Max size: ___
  • Min price: ___ Max price: ___


Amenities and other bonuses--a "wish list" if you will:

  • Roof access
  • Vehicle parking (motor and human-powered) is readily available and secure or private.
  • BART is extremely close.
  • Landlord loves us.
  • Combined residential zoning / accommodation.
  • Proximity to other groups doing interesting things that we can collaborate or cross-pollinate with (like Bay Area Public School)

even older constraints list

How do users access the space? At meetings and by individual arrangement for now.

Towards Opening a Space: Considerations

  • Open to consider warehouse spaces and office spaces.
  • way to provide public access guidelines for space
  • collaborations with potential other groups, eg fixit clinic, coyote, roshambo media, bio hackers
  • wtf is our use model/membership model/ access control?

need to have

  • within 4 blocks of BART station
  • ADA compliance
  • ability to receive mail
  • common area able to comfortably accommodate meetings of at least 15-30
  • "dirty shop" area (that can be ventilated), large enough to accommodate wood shop tools & messy work
  • space for a laser (that can be ventilated), space for 3d printers
  • "clean shop" area, large enough to accomodate soldering sewing silkscreening etc

nice to have

  • Areas of preferred location are: Temescal, Downtown, Lake Merritt, and West Oakland areas.
  • proximity to art murmur
  • pre-existing plumbing appropriate for lab
  • storefront
  • first floor
  • outdoor area
  • kitchen

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