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people's open network hacknight - 09 May 2017
people's open network hacknight - 16 May 2017
* Jorrit, Daniel, Jehan, Jenny, Will, Bullitt, Corey (new)

* jorrit, nanomonkey, jefdaj, jehan, andy, eve, juul, daniel, grant, Bullitt
* Jehan:
** Talked to terot shop - not owned by them
** Talked to StorQuest - got managers contact info - they have cell phone antennas on roof already - president personally approves contracts
** Talked to Reed Brothers - they're still interested - we should come back with equipment ready to install and do a demo
* Worked on taxes this week - got OC's taxes in - waiting on IRS response to OOC's 2014&2015 taxes before moving on taking over OOC's 501c3 or not
* Sudomesh 990N will be submitted will be submitted

* Talked t
* SSB on Raspberry Pi not working yet

* http://ecologycenter.org/events/community-choice-101/
Cory - has frontend JS experience and EE degree, would like to help out
* digital inclusion week https://sfpl.org/?pg=2000948701

via Daniel:
Will - extender nodes at 50th St rooftop are not working (home nodes are working fine) - maybe didn't flash with the most recent firmware.
* Two not in use cisco 2950 were removed from the production rack.
* discussion of implementing some way to check that extender node is working (in admin dash)
* Two PoE HP Switches (24, and 48 ports) were racked in the production rack. They are not powered at this time. The intention is to use them for the Ruckus APs that Eve and I are getting ready for Omni to use. Note: the two (24, 48) Dell switches in production are not PoE. Perhaps eventually they can be replaced by the HP that were installed today.
* Last Saturday Eve and I came to Sudoroom and worked on the WiFi Controller and the APs. We have upgrade the gear eight version, there are two more to go. We may continue tonight. As I mentioned via Signal, we already started mapping where the APs will go in the building.

Jorrit -
* On Sunday mounted a map on a foamboard in sudo - physical representation of the mesh - right now there are ~5 nodes on it
* Finished this Disaster PingPong thing with Grant last week - intro to the ESP8266, scans the wifi networks, checks signal strength
* Where to store media assets? Creating 'propaganda' repo on the github

# discussion about net neutrality issues
Wonder how many of you have filled up the form, if you would like to do that, here is the link: www.gofccyourself.com
* was here last weekend... set up a home node.
When at the FFC site, click on "+ Express".

# jorrit and juul
* Reminded to check in w/ Laney College
* Marc, Robb and Daniel cleaned out the mesh area and rack this wknd - removing extra cables, swapped out 2 switches with 2 new better ones
* Set up 2 HP PoE switches, a wireless controller,and an AP in sudo room w/ ID 'Omni Commons'
* Wants to set up another AP in the Den... marked 9 locations in total (3 in ballroom)

Andrew(?) -
* Works at a battery storage company.. creating a virtual power plant for the grid. Data Analytics, and some software

juul needs to dump all his info
NPR interview on mesh (Marc was interviewed for

# I-core
= agenda =

Eve talked about:
== Disaster Radio ==
* Using nodeMCU flashed onto the chip, LoRa scripts
* Marc got two nodes to finally talk to each other the other day \o/
* Message need to be less than 256 bytes
* 900 MHz
* Want to make little 'throwies' for distributing them

= action items =
* invest in mac ethernet adaptor?
* send off the 990N [jenny]