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* We have weekly meetings every Tuesday from 7:30-9pm at [[Getting_there|sudo room]]. We have focus groups and collaborate on different parts of the project - from [ design] to [ software development], documentation to hardware hacking, [ community outreach] and [ climbing rooftops to mount nodes]!
* Come to our weekly Tuesday meetings in [[Getting_there|sudo room]]. The first three Tuesdays of the month are hack nights where we work (often in parallel) on everything from pamphlets to maps to code. This is a good opportunity to find someone familiar with the ins and outs and ask questions. The last Tuesday of the month is a more structured recap meeting, where we follow an agenda, get updates on what progress was made in the last month, and plan for the next month.
* We generally collaborate on [ notes] at each meeting. Look at our archive of past [[Mesh/Minutes|meeting minutes]]!
* Contribute to the network by installing a mesh node at your location using our handy [ Mesh Node Setup Walkthrough]. This is especially helpful for those who are within range of an existing node (seen as a wireless SSID named "").
*Check out our [[Mesh/ToDos|ToDo list]]