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Welcome to the Sudo Room wiki! Please make a user name and contribute to the conversation! [[image:Type A cat.jpg|thumb|300px|right|A Type A-printed cat!]]<blockquote>''Sudo Room is an open membership, non-hierarchical, collaborative community interested in working towards social change. Our goal is to create an inclusive, dedicated hackerspace in downtown Oakland, and to collaborate on ideas and projects in citizen science, digital citizenship and literacy, environmental sustainability, community engagement, and self-government. Sudo Room is committed to access, empowerment, transparency and public good. Sudoers have a great diversity of interests and we emphasize respect and solidarity among ourselves and with others.''</blockquote> <br><big>''Learn more about the space, meet awesome people, and participate in our emergent community! [ Check our calendar] or drop by for a casual visit (especially evenings and weekend afternoons), or come to our weekly general meetings (caution: some topics are boring or arduous, but we try to keep the meeting length down as much as possible). Meetings taking place every '''Wednesday''' from '''7-9pm''' at [,+oakland,+ca 2141 Broadway St., Oakland, CA] (near 19th St BART).''</big><br \><br \>Can't attend? Read our [ Meeting Minutes]. <br><br>==The people==(''See main: [[Organism Portal]]'') <br \>We are a hackerspace committed to being openly accessible to anyone and everyone. Visit the Organism Portal to learn about our organizational structure and methodologies, and contribute to our evolution as an organization. Or just delve right into the details of how Sudo Room is run by reading our [[Articles of Association]] and [[Sudo_room/methodology|methodology]] (under construction). <br \> ==The space==We have a [[Sudo_room/room|sweet room]] with access to a large common space. With enough funds, we may seek renting out adjacent rooms connected to the same common space. ==Projects, Meetups and Events== ==='''Today I Learned''' series===Every Saturday, Sudo Room hosts suuuper fascinating workshops and classes! <blockquote>This Saturday's event is an '''ice cream workshop''' put on by '''Ray the Ice Cream Man''', a professional ice cream-maker. He will be teaching us the history and botany of the vanilla plant, and the chemistry behind a special type of vanilla extraction technique. '''Participants will be able to sample a very special ice cream and take home a pint of the ice cream they make during the class.'''</blockquote> ''Read details at the main [[Today I Learned|TiL {{Main page]]!'' ===Projects and Meetups===(''See main: '''[[Projects|Projects]]''''') for a list of regular meetups, active projects and dream projects.*(''Merge with [[infrastructure]]'')===2012 State of the Room===The [[State of the Room]] was the event we held introducing our new space! Yay! :D==Money and Yenom==(''See main: [[Money portal|Money/Yenom Portal]]'') for $$$- and ($$$)-related things!!! <blockquote>''Money''=Money <br \>''Yenom''=Anti-money</blockquote> ==Mood Board==We're [ moody]. ==Promo==<blockquote>"''I'M ADDICTED TO SUDO ROOM!''" <br \> --Vicky</blockquote>==Our frendzz==Here's a list of other maker/hackerspaces...*[ Noisebridge]*[ Ace Monster Toys] *[ HackerDojo]*[ BioCurious]*[ Tech Liminal]*[ Mothership HackerMoms]*[ LOLspace]*[ The Crucible]*[ Coyote Counter Collective]*[ The Holdout]*Your group / space? ==Contacting us in the real life and the non-Internet life==* Here are [[Getting there|directions]] to Sudo Room for the visually-oriented. * Join our mailing list! It can be found..........................[ here]. (Minute-long applause to for our initial email list!)* [[Users|Wiki users]]en}}