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[[Sudo room#Approaches|''<< Back to Sudo Room Approaches'']]
[[Sudo room#Approaches|''<< Back to Sudo Room Approaches'']]
==Project List Workshopped in May 2013 Meetings==
'''Please add your name next to projects that you are already working on or are interested in working on'''
    * Cottage Food Law
    * Shared Kitchens/Gardens
    * Sudo Mate - Max & Ray
    * Iced, carbonated, DELICIOUS mate soda beverage (exquisite, yum!)
    * Sudo Beer (Subiir) - Morten & Marc
    * Sudo Gravy (marinara sauce) - Ray - Last week's $40 went to Sudo Room rent. Sold all 4 pints (all that was left after dinner) Yay!
    * Sudo Lunch / Grab-n-go option - ? [DOES NOT YET EXIST]
    * Rusty's "Savior Bars"!
    * Eddie's "Dope" Popcorn
    * 3D printed stuff
  ** magnets - Jordan
    ** bike mounting accessories (easy to print, can adapt to any device mounting!) -hol
    ** jewelry
    ** on-demand
    ** other 3D printers
    ** 3d printed exoskeleton
    ** DIY handheld 3D printer pen based on a hot glue gun Cheap as hell
    ** "Captain crunch whistles" - Le Oficial Ray
    ** Bike beverage holders
    * T-shirts - Dan Finlay (already an action item)
    * Buttons (moar)
    ** Dependent upon logo
    * LED cubes - hol??????????
    '''Membership dues'''
    * sliding-scale, voluntary (current)
    * better advertisement
    *--> Scrounging for MOAR
    Flyers, put things around the area, galleries, cafes, etc.
    Could be extremely effective
    Could do a bike-about
    better price-]points (concrete options beyond general $60 discussion)
    will be informed by member survey (already an action item)
    Do we accept BITCOIN????????????
    Automatic reminders
    Repair Services
    Fix-it clinic style (especially electronics, etc)?
    Could also do custom bike stuff, bike repair!
    Specifically could get $ from burners
    Not necessarily easy while in our current, less-developed state
    Donated equipment
    Repair and sell, e.g. on Ebay - suggestion by Eddan
    Re-use and sell or sell as services
    Similar potential to http://spokeland.org/
    DIY ISP ++
    a la http://ranchwifi.com/
    Laci Videmsky has offered to host a workshop on how to do this, like he and his business partner did with Ranch Wifi
    electronics - (i won't be at the meeting tonight but if we come up with a few and order the components in bulk and package individually together, we can sell at events - Hol)
    Home PCs for cheapz
    Art kits
    Writing kits
    Kits of kits :D ^.^ ^.^
    Kits of 3D printers that create other kits
    Non-profit status
    Tax-deductable Donations as a 501(c)3
    Noisebridge and School Factory have offered to provide fiscal sponsorship
    School Factory has a lot more experience than NB in fiscal sponsorship
    Regular events
    Speaker events - of particular relevance to our projects
    Covers? No covers?
*Burning man projects, Black Rock Arts
*Burning man projects, Black Rock Arts


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