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= Things we may want to change =
= Things we may want to change =
== Throughout ==
=== 501(c) References ===
In order to provide maximum flexibility in federal tax structure, should change references to 501(c)(3) below. Certainly these articles are to be formed ASAP in order to avoid hindering progress in collaboration with other entities like Counter Culture Labs and The Public School. However, it is not an immediate requirement to resolve federal tax status to do that (though it should be done soon). So, with a few minor adjustments, it is possible to ensure we may potentially incorporate as a 501(c)(4), 501(c)(8), 501(c)(10), or other. There are a few ways to do this.
* One approach is to list all applicable options
** Example: http://caminowoodsii.org/documents/articles.html
* Another is to ensure references to 501(c)(3) are augmented to be relevant to 501(c) statuses in general.
** Seems like this is possible since the language used for our particular purposes are general enough to fit within all of the relevant statuses anyhow, so I think we run little risk.
* Eliminate specific references to 501(c) statues entirely, but keep the appropriate components that would be applicable in particular.
** Counter Culture Labs has largely done this with only two actual references to 501(c)(3).

== Article 3 ==
== Article 3 ==