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Cyber Wizard Institute at SudoRoom
CyberWizard Institute at SudoRoom

* http://cyber.wizard.institute
* http://cyber.wizard.institute
== Events ==
August 1- 15, 2015
Mark your calendars! Cyberwizard institute is coming back this August! Join us for a nighttime and weekends edition. Current plan: starts August 1st (Saturday) at 15:00 and goes through Aug 15.
This time, we'll start later on the weekdays so that people can drop in after work and also have content on weekends in the afternoon.
* https://github.com/cyberwizardinstitute/discussion/issues/30
== Flyer Art ==
Free for use
[[File:Cyberwizard Institute Version 2 Flyer.png|thumb|Cyberwizard Institute Version 2 Flyer]]