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sudoroom has an active beer-brewing group. The mash is made off-site (due to a lack of out-door facilities at sudo room) and fermentation and bottling happens at sudoroom.

Have a look at the individual brews for more info.

See also: Sudomate

List of brews

  • subiir 0 - fermentation started January 12th 2013.


For anyone who wants to brew home brew beer, the materials and basic process are as follows. There is actually a large home-brew community and recipes so, anyone should check in with a basic google search to start: [1].

The rest is hardware and, there's some that is required for it. The main things are a vat which you can bring to a boil when you're stirring the ingredients, a syphon hose rubber tube, and a large tub with an air vent, that lets out the vent air as the sugar is transformed by yeast to alcohol. :) Finally, you will need a way to bottle the beer.

Project to create an automated system to preheat mash and sparge water, carry out step mashing program, and alert operator of different manual steps such as adding hops.

System Components:

-ATMega 328p based controller

-DS1307 Real Time Clock

-DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensors

-16x4 character LCD Screen

-4x Relay board for pumps and heating elements

-Serial connection for reprogramming

Possible add-ons:

-continuous hopping auger

-servo-controlled gas valve for boil stage

-buzzers and UI improvements

Digital thermostat.jpg

Torched keggle.jpg