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This is a proposal to become part of the articles of association

Each sudo member is required to be part of one or more committees, team, other loose collection of sudoer(s) hereby called a subsudo or subprocess. Being part of a subsudo is not intended to tie a sudoer to a massive commitment, but rather to illustrate some minimum responsibility your want to claim at sudo room. You are expected to organize and maintain your subsudo with your fellow subsudoers at some nonzero level. If no preexisting subsudo appeals to a sudoer, then that sudoer may take arbitrary time to create and list their own subsudo with no disqualifications allowed on the basis of absurdity.

Example List of Subsudos That Could Be

  • Finance Committee
  • unRoyal Order of Librarianship
  • Space improvements
  • Holy Evanglizers of Kopimism
  • Door Access Friendly Gatekeeper's Union
  • 3d printers operator club
  • Today I Learned
  • Mathematicians for Mornings
  • Churroholics Anonymous Organizer
  • Hypermeta listmaker's listmaking guild
  • the sudoshow