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Web hosted game, shows people how to join SudoRoom, contribute to SudoMesh, gain points, become better animals, dodge obstacles, learn Javascript and more. Who knows, maybe it will even find solutions and make District 1 a more radical place, dude!

Please contribute!

Future Directions

Boxed Sets

This game will eventually come with a linked boxed set that works with the gameplay similar to the old style Infocom games. These will be both part of the game play and an accompaniment. The materials can include music, fashion, art, jewelry and even be set up sent on a subscription basis as people play the game through periods of time.

  • While the game is free, the boxes can be purchased and provide a stream of income for SudoRoom / the Omni.
  • Enables participation of members who are not programmers - they can contribute by creating fashion, art, and add to the gameplay


Starting out with visual novel engines for the web - this can branch later to mobile games. Open Source Belle Game Framework



  • Based on early RenPy game attempts SudoRoomVisualNovelGame only this time this will be in the website
  • If time permits, then we should move this to mobile (native)

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