SudoMate Batch2

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Chef: Patrik

  • How to achieve 85C water without a thermometer:
    • 9.236 liter boiling water at 373K (100C) + X liter room temp water at 293K (20C) = (9.236+X) liter at 358K (85C)
    • X= 2.131 liter of RT water
  • 11.37 liter = 48 cups = 3 gallon (whee!)
  • 1 tbsp mate (~6 gram) per cup -> 288 gram Mate for 48 cups
  • We used Guayaki San Mateo Air Dried Mate - "Bright, Lively and Herbal"
  • 35 g ginger
  • Zest and juice from 2 lemons (medium size)
  • 173g of Xylitol (less actually - forgot to subtract weight of the container!)
  • 139g of invert sugar


  1. Boil ginger and lemon for 30 minutes
  2. Bring mash from boil to 185 fahrenheit by adding room temp water
  3. Add mate and stir in
  4. Steep for 10 minutes at 175 fahrenheit (we were aiming for 185F/85C, but we took too long to weigh out the mate, and then the temp dropped some more during steeping)
  5. Strain through tea strainer (takes way too long - need to get big kitchen strainer and/or cheese cloth instead!)
  6. Add lemon juice.
  7. Added and stirred in Xylitol
  8. Add and stir in invert sugar to taste

We used up all the ginger, lemon and Xylitol we had left; could definitely use more of all of those next time. Invert sugar was added in a couple batches (dissolving the sticky stuff in 1/2 liter of warm mate each time), until we reached consensus that the mix was sweet enough. Definitely far less sweet than the commercial stuff, but that's the way we like it. We'll see how that holds up once we add carbonation...