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Ingredients: Sugar, Mate, Water, Ginger, Vanilla, Honey, Lemons, Limes, pinch of guar gum

"Only 5 people know the Coke recipe, but we want 5,000,000 to know ours."

---Max Klein

SudoMate is an all natural, open source Mate Soda.
SudoMate is a Club-Mate like drink sudo-manufactured for sudo-profit.

SudoMate Mk. 5 Recipe

SudoMate Mk.5 Recipe

SudoMate Mk.5 debuted at the May 2013 First Friday Event at Sudo Room, Oakland, CA.
The batch was created hours earlier by Ray Lai & Max Klein with help from Ari Kahn. A Rube Goldbergesque heat exchange was created to watercool the boiling hot mate in time for the event.
No one was burned in the making of the batch.