Sudo room/12-21-2011 Meetup

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  • Evan
  • Matt
  • Phil
  • David
  • Michael
  • Patrick


  1. Space Genesis
  2. Trajectory
  3. Projects discussion
    • Added to the projects page: BIO-Medical projects
  4. Ideas from Biocurious, to help inspire us.
    • Projects very scientific, underscore value in fun exercises in the scientific process.
  5. Discussed NIMBYspace, need to learn more, industrial arts venues.
  6. Talked about sudo room name, history.
  7. Discussed design needs page and added crowd-source option for logo.
  8. Discussed kickstarter campaign.
  9. Michael help with locations
  10. Big event end of February with GMO and DNA barcoding.
  11. Big video
    • Create a kickstarter requirements/dependencies list, organize thoughts and plan.
  12. Patrick brought up idea of postponing the kickstarter, building the community for longer.
    • Definitely a good suggestion, but opportunity for an initial space is great, rent is cheap in the area.

Action Items

  • Space list
  • Fundraising campaign requirements/dependencies
  • Events email thread.