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This is a shared knowledge commons on our options to make decisions with Sudo Room. This may be more complicated than options for income, so a template is provided, feel free to reject the template and use a free-form response below.

Decision-Making Options

What kinds of decisions need to be made?

  1. Membership. Do we have it? If so, what are the levels/ benefits/ rules of engagement & expectations?
  2. Project Endorsement. When does SudoRoom attach its name and "backing" to a project, if ever?
  3. Governance. How do we make decisions on behalf of SudoRoom? Are financially-concerned decisions different or do they involve a different group of people vs. other kinds?
  4. Activities (non-hacking). Will SudoRoom have speakers/ events/ classes? What system or structure do we put in place to facilitate this? Do others need to agree on any aspects of these "extracurricular" activities?
  5. (other response)

Who makes decisions?

  1. All parties interested in the topic being decided upon
  2. (response)

How are these decisions made (by what process)?

  1. Member Consensus
  2. Delegated Proxy Voting
  3. (response)

Where and when are these decisions made?

  1. Online (proposals and concerns?)
  2. Weekly meetings (agenda and discussion?)

Free-form Decision-Making Responses

  • (response)
  • (response)

Resources About Decision-Making Forms and Processes

  1. A Guide to Formal Consensus
  2. Wikipedia: Delegated Proxy Voting