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Sudoroom is currently hosted at 2141 Broadway St., Oakland, CA (near the 19th St BART).
#REDIRECT [[Spaces]]
How do users access the space? At meetings and by individual arrangement for now.
===Towards Opening a Space: Considerations===
* Open to consider warehouse spaces and office spaces.
* way to provide public access guidelines for space
* collaborations with potential other groups, eg fixit clinic, coyote, roshambo media, bio hackers
* wtf is our use model/membership model/ access control?
===need to have===
* within 4 blocks of BART station
* ADA compliance
* ability to receive mail
* common area able to comfortably accommodate meetings of at least 15-30
* "dirty shop" area (that can be ventilated), large enough to accommodate wood shop tools & messy work
* space for a laser (that can be ventilated), space for 3d printers
* "clean shop" area, large enough to accomodate soldering sewing silkscreening etc
===nice to have===
* Areas of preferred location are: Temescal, Downtown, Lake Merritt, and West Oakland areas.
* proximity to art murmur
* pre-existing plumbing appropriate for lab
* storefront
* first floor
* outdoor area
* kitchen
===existing east bay hackerspaces===
* There are a few hackerspaces in the East Bay, some tied to [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maker_culture/ Maker Culture], but there are various virtual and software emphases. Existent spaces:
** [[Ace Monster Toys]] - cool hackerspace with lots of tools and infrastructure. Definitely friends in the East Bay!
** [[The Crucible]]
** [[Ponoko - San Francisco, United States of America|Ponoko]]
** [http://techliminal.com/ Tech Liminal] (technology salon / coworking space; hosts [http://www.meetup.com/makesf/ Make:SF meetups]) [[Tech Liminal and Sudo Room]]
** Who is [http://www.nimbyspace.org/ NIMBY space]?
** Who is [http://theholdout.org/ The Holdout]? (related to Occupy Oakland)
*** 2313 San Pablo Big green building (tag: no set feature)
*** Opportunity for [http://theholdout.org/collectives/ "Collectives"] to apply to share the space.
** Who is [http://bluedoorlab.com/ Blue Door Co-working Space]?
** [http://bayarea.the-hub.net/ Hub SF and Hub Berkeley] (coworking space for social/environmental enterprises)
** american steel

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