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Sudo mate, is a Club-Mate like drink sudo-manufactured for sudo-profit.


What we are learning from time to time

From of Batch #1, #2 and #3


  • Vanilla extract makes for a really nice aroma. REALLY AWESOME TO HAVE! GETZ IT!
  • Salt-lite, mix of potasium and sodium 50/50, is even better than salt. More electrolytes.


  • Bigger pot for main-batch - our keg is 5 gallons. Morten can bring the Subiir turkeyfrier for brewing for next time.
  • More containers and things to pour from, into and through in general.
    • Getting a big and fine strainer along with a corresponding funnel would be very awesome.
  • It was a bit confusing that there were a lot of opinions on each batch. Making batches with separate master chefs worked really well to counter this.
    • However, it was a bit messy with a lot of batches going on at once. Better space preparing and workflow would improve this greatly.
  • A designated documenter made sure documentation was happening; it worked well that said documenter said ready by the keyboard, doing Just In Time documentation (ie. chefs would simply say numbers as they added, as it was all very experimental).


To Bring

  • Naomi Spices
  • Ray Burner
  • Ari Bottling
  • Max Mate
  • Romy Soda Stream

To Do

Make test Batch.

High-Level Jobs Left To Be Done as of April 10 2013

Please sign your name next to an item to indicate you're working on it

  • Make mate - Naomi, Ray
  • Determine Carbonation Process Ari, Romi [ Romy bringing Sodastream for first meeting- we will want to move to a non proprietary carbonation process eventually ]
  • Bottle The mate Ari
  • Sell the mate - Maximilianklein (talk)

Equipment Still Needed

  • Storage Corney Kegs
  • C02 Regulator
  • Mate - initial bought Max
  • Lots of bottles - collection Bin next to common kitchen


Initial Funding: up to $300 ($200 left) $20 on intial mate Target Sales: $200 - $300

I'll pledge $80. --Nthmost (talk) 11:41, 12 April 2013 (PDT)

Business Plan

  • Make it.
    • Buy sufficient raw mate
      • Mate if we're aiming for ethical excellence might be Guayaki in Sebastopol [6]
      • for 50L ~ 100 bottles
        • Assuming 500ml bottles
        • We could also use 333ml bottles
    • Brew it (Morten: "Sounds fun. I'm in")
      • Will we need a vat?
        • (Morten: If necessary use my 15L pots and make several batches.)
        • Do we have a vat?
        • Hol has a keg.
        • Can a metal worker at sudo make us a vat
    • Spice it if necessary
      • Following this makerzine guide[4] maybe
      • Or allow adventurous sudoer to blaze trail
        • Noise bridge already made something called "Sudo Pop", which is up our alley. [1]
    • Carbonate it
      • Bobby, David Wild's roommate does this
        • Ask him nicely
        • Pay him
      • Buy a soda-stream
        • (Morten: "I think this would be very expensive. Might be possible to use a real "carbonater" thing, I know Tom's dad has one.")
          • Eric the metal Worker has one I just found out Maximilianklein (talk) 22:02, 7 April 2013 (PDT)
          • Patrick has a sudostream, and suggests these tutorials [5]
    • Transport it too bottler
  • Bottle It. (Morten can totally be responsible for this)
    • Use as many recycled bottles as possible
      • Put call out for more bottles
        • Pay a homeless person worst comes to worse
    • Transfer liquid, using this technique thansk to Bobby T [2]
    • Use the sudo capping machine
      • I believe its in the closet
    • Labelling
      • Rock paper scissors can do this
    • Transport it to storage
  • Store it
    • We might be able to use the sudo closet
      • Does it require refrigerated storage?
      • Do we have a refrigerator
        • Find one or many on CL Free
  • Sell it.
    • Target price $2-3/bottle depending on investment figures
    • Always at sudo, but also at specialized events
    • At Oakland Nights live
    • At an events night fundraiser
      • Sober
        • Games tournament
        • Debate
        • Hackathon
      • Mix it with alcohol
        • At a sudorave.
        • One of the planned Movie Nights
    • At art murmur.
    • online at
    • Update: Noisebridgde have pledged to buy 48 bottles per week if we get this going.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]