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== '''Upcoming Events''' ==
== '''Upcoming Events''' ==
:''See also: [https://sudoroom.org/calendar/ Sudo Room Calendar] and [https://omnicommons.org/calendar/ Omni Commons Global Calendar]''
:''See [https://sudoroom.org/calendar/ Sudo Room Calendar] and [https://omnicommons.org/calendar/ Omni Commons Global Calendar]''
{| class="wikitable" style=""
! colspan="2"| Weekly Events
| '''[[Fermentation]] Mondays
|  collaboration & meet up - come learn Kombucha & other fermentations!
or help us build temperature, humidity and PH monitoring using Raspberry PI to record our brews.
| '''[[HardwareHackNight]] Tuesdays
| [[image:SudoRoom_hardware_hacknight.jpg|thumb|120px|A large animal will lead you through real life stuff, you digital wimps ;)]]
Come hack on hardware. build stuff! take apart small robotic animals, electronics & make things
| '''[[Meetings|Sudoroom Party / Meetings]]
(Wednesdays 7p)'''
| Every 2nd Wednesday is the Official meeting of organization, bureaucracy and fun. All other Wednesdays are an informal [https://sudoroom.org/events/sudoroom-weekly-meeting-2016-05-25/ Party]
We keep our agenda on an [https://pad.riseup.net/ etherpad] and then [[Meetings#Meeting_Notes_Archive|archive the meeting minutes]]. We're a California non-profit. See our [[Articles of Association]].
| '''[https://sudoroom.org/wiki/Javascript Javascript study group]
(Thursdays 7:00p)'''
| [[File:JavasScript Forest at SudoRoom.png|thumb|Sudoroom Javascript forest]] Learn, chat and hack on node.js, frontend, or whatever!
Oakland is [http://oaklandwiki.org/Javascript javascript city].
| '''[http://saitogroup.info Saito Group: Digital Art + Street Installations]
(Sundays 12:00p)'''
| The Saito Group is a digital art and street installation collective. We do a lot of scraping, remixing and projecting. Come hack with us! Come learn about computational graphic design, digital graffiti, natural language processing and city-hacking. We're inspired by [http://eyebeam.org Eyebeam], [http://www.deeplab.net/#home, Deep Lab], [https://www.pinterest.com/sirianth/cyborgperformance/ and much more!].
! colspan="2" | Every other week
| '''[http://oaklandwiki.org/ Oakland Wiki]
(Every other Thursday 7-8:30p)'''
| Come edit Oakland's only open, publicly editable wiki! Oakland Wiki has been used as a platform for [http://oaklandwiki.org/Domain_Awareness_Center citizen journalism], sharing local [http://oaklandwiki.org/Resources resources] and [http://oaklandwiki.org/Oakland_Chicano_Moratorium history], and whatever else you can [http://oaklandwiki.org/tags/fun dream up].
! colspan="2" | Monthly Events
| '''[[Mesh]]
(Last Tuesday of the month 7:30-10p)'''
| [[image:510NetworkDishes.jpg|thumb|120px|the antenna that beamed wireless packets across Lake Merritt]]
A group [[Mesh|working]] on bringing [http://peoplesopen.net/ free wifi] to the East Bay. We hack every week but Last Tuesday's is our open meeting for new folk!
| '''[[Cryptoparty]]
(Third Sundays 2-5p)'''
| Learn & talk about encryption & cybersecurity. Learn how to use GPG, OTR, Tor, Tails, and other anti-surveillance technologies. (currently on hiatus but coming back soon)
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Upcoming Events

See Sudo Room Calendar and Omni Commons Global Calendar