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SudoMesh over Oakland
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human beings visit SudoRoom along with small animals
  • We're Sudo Room, a free hackerspace located at 4799 Shattuck in north Oakland, CA!
  • We're into technology and where it intersects with social justice, sustainability, education and solidarity.
  • We strive to be an open, transparent, horizontal and welcoming community where all are supported and free to learn, create, gather, collaborate, work, play and more! .
  • We've got tons of tools for you to use from a 3D printer to public computer terminals, Math projects, a big huge library and all kinds of gadgets!
  • We are exclusively volunteer-run and supported through donations!! Learn more about membership.
  • Our slogan is: HACK THE PLANET!
  • Check out some of the things we are working on!
  • Come by for a meet up or workshop (details below), or just pop in at one of our weekly parties - with food! - every Wednesday at 7pm. Second Wednesdays are meeting-flavored parties for new member applications and discussion of sudo and omni proposals.
  • Way more details: Welcome

Recurring Meetups/Events

For the most recently-updated list of upcoming events, see: Sudo Room Calendar and Omni Commons Global Calendar
HardwareHackNight Tuesdays


A large animal will lead you through real life stuff, you digital wimps ;)

Come hack on hardware. build stuff! take apart small robotic animals, electronics & make things

Sudoroom Party / Meetings

(Wednesdays 7p)

Every 2nd Wednesday is the Official meeting of organization, bureaucracy and fun. All other Wednesdays are an informal Party

We keep our agenda on an etherpad and then archive the meeting minutes. We're a California non-profit. See our Articles of Association.

Javascript study group

(Thursdays 7:00p)

Sudoroom Javascript forest
Learn, chat and hack on node.js, frontend, or whatever!

Oakland is javascript city.

Sudo Mesh

(Last Tuesday of the month 7:30-10p)

the antenna that beamed wireless packets across Lake Merritt

A group working on building a community wireless mesh network in the East Bay. We hack every week but Last Tuesdays are our open meetings for new folk!

(dys)Functional Fridays

(Fridays 7-11p)

Learn & talk about functional programming.

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