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human beings visit SudoRoom along with small animals

Welcome to Sudo Room, a free hackerspace located at 4799 Shattuck in north Oakland, CA!

Our slogan is: HACK THE PLANET! Read more About Sudo Room's vision, values, mission, and code of conduct.

We use and share technology to promote social justice, sustainability, education and solidarity.

We strive to be an open, transparent, horizontal and welcoming community where all are supported and free to learn, create, gather, collaborate, work, play and more!

We are exclusively volunteer-run and supported through donations!

Get involved!

Regular Events

For the most recently-updated list of upcoming events, see: Sudo Room Calendar and Omni Commons Global Calendar
Women / NonBinary Coding nights Mondays

(7pm-9pm or even later)

The Sudo Room, a ​​creative community and hackerspace at Omni Commons, invites all Women/NB people for “Coding Owls – A WNB Coding Night”: bring your computer and a coding project and have fun! We can help each other if you have coding related questions/bugs or just keep company while hacking! and if you can't make it there physically, we have an ONLINE JITSI PORTAL

HardwareHackNight Tuesdays

(7pm-11pm or even later)

Come hack on hardware. build stuff! take apart small robotic animals, electronics & make things. There's also a Multimediaspace downstairs with a silkscreen lab, sewing machines and more so you can make totally non sexist swimwear for women and men! and if you can't make it there physically, we have an ONLINE JITSI PORTAL

Meetings & Parties

(Wednesdays 8p)

Every first Wednesday of the month at 8pm are official meetings of organization, bureaucracy and fun. All other Wednesdays are an informal and if you can't make it there physically, we have an ONLINE JITSI PORTAL

We keep our agenda on an etherpad and then archive the meeting minutes. We're a California non-profit. See our Articles of Association.

Javascript study group

(Thursdays 7:00p)

Learn, chat and hack on node.js, frontend, or whatever! Oakland is javascript city.

Edit this list here: Recurring_Meetings

Work Stations

Check out the tools and Work Stations we have at Sudo Room and learn how to incorporate them into your next project

Active Projects

Get inspired! Here's what members are working on:

  • Chromebook Unlocking / Laptop De-branding putting new life into chromebooks soon to be EOL'd, and decorating/cleaning up our collection of Dell Latitudes
  • Computer keyboards campaign (April 2023, User:Invictvs) Donate keyboards to SudoRoom!
  • Working Groups Our big project of 2023 is to create working groups to make things run more creatively
  • Hack-o-mat (ongoing as of January 2023) we're rebooting the sudoroom hack-o-mat, with this refresh adding more art and zines as well as fashion!
  • Feminist Swimwear
  • Learning Blender We'd like to learn blender in conjunction with the (now defunct) Blender nights at Noisebridge
  • Juggling Club starting up a juggling club held at the Tuesday hardware hack nights!
  • Fix-It Clinic for the right to repair, fixing all variety of old things and new things, and learning how things work!
  • 3D Printing at SudoRoom (ongoing as of April 2022, multiple contributors)
    There are a set of maintained 3D printers that members use to create cool objects.
  • Light Projector Art (April 2022, User:Romyilano)
    Projection Mapping uses everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen, light is mapped onto any surface, turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays.
  • SudoMesh or the people's network the balcony above SudoRoom has been renovated and SudoMesh is active and going again! Or is it the people's network now?
  • Hammond Organ (ongoing as of March 2022, User:kent, multiple contributors)
    First brought to Omni in 2015. Ongoing restoration of a Hammond organ and Leslie speaker.

Edit this list here: Cool Projects