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*[[User:Juul|Juul]] ([[User talk:Juul|talk]])
*[[User:Juul|Juul]] ([[User talk:Juul|talk]])

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Don't laugh - haven't you seen Six Ways Mushrooms WIll Save the World?

Mycology experiments for fun, heath, and world-saving!

State of SudoShrooms

  • Some brief discussion was had at our First Annual State of the Room
  • Matt has set up a bin for collecting coffee grinds in the common area kitchen.
  • Many seem interested. Momentum!
  • Evan suggests the name, Sudo Shrooms!
  • This wiki page was born.

Mushroom Grow Kits

  • Oyster mushroom grow kit locally produced in Oakland and sold at Whole Foods: Back to the Roots
  • Lion's Mane is a particularly awesome mushroom known to stimulate nerve growth factor and increase cognitive ability: Kit available to order online.

Ideas for Future Experiments

List of people who want to set up an oyster mushroom growing operation at sudoroom

ElectricJack has some mushroom grow stuff that he wants to donate to sudoroom. We don't know what it is yet though.

sudoroom has been saving coffee grounds in the freezer as a growth medium. See recycling and re-use for more info.