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The Idea of Super Focus Club is to create a special area, where members can seclude themselves to "focus". Maybe a section of sudoroom, or maybe a separate room entirely. Either way, it would perform the function, so poetically suggested on the mailinglist:

''well my point wasn't that I would come to SudoRoom and do only working and
not talk to anyone. I would like to have a super focus area so that we
could isolate ourselves for short bursts, then come back like half-naked
pearl divers coming up for air out of the ocean, our diving knives in our
teeth, so that during breaks we could flop around and relax supine on the
couches, just as divers would half-naked in the bright sun...

before diving down into the depths again, the depths of hyperfocus, clad
only in loinclothes, searching for pearls of wisdom.''