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Charitable Organization

External Guides

Civic Leagues

Socially Responsible Corporations

B Corps

  • B Corporation - Structure for corporations that do social good. For more info, see this site on Couchsurfing's decision to become a B Corp.

Limited Liability Partnerships

(from Blond's Black Letter Law Outlines, 1996)

for further detail, see resources such as MyOwnBusiness.Org - Session 5: Business organization

  • In a limited partnership there are two kinds of partners:
    • General partners, similar to partners in a general partnership, control the management and are personally liable for partnership debts.
    • Limited Partners do not participate in management and are not liable for debts beyond their initial investment
  • In order the limit personal liability further, a corporation can exist as the sole general partner in a limited partnership with the limited partners acting as the officers of the corporation.
  • This wall has been knocked down by some courts and held up by others with certain requirements, such as:
    • the corporation also exists for other purposes;
    • the state clearly allows corporations to be the sole general partner in limited partnerships;
    • the limited partners act as officers in a corporate, not personal capacity; and
    • the contracting parties are aware of the structure of the partnership.

Relevant Law, Uniform & California


California Code - Chapter 3: California Revised Limited Partnership Act (15611. - 15724.)

Incorporation Services Options

Rocketlawyer: Start an LLC

Crowdfunding Intermediaries

Political Organizations


Super PACs

527 Group

Labor Unions