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File:Padlock.svg {{pp-meta}} Full Semi Move
Dispute: {{pp-dispute}} N/A {{pp-move-dispute}}
Vandalism: {{pp-vandalism}} {{pp-move-vandalism}}
High visibility templates and images: {{pp-template}} N/A
User talk of blocked user: {{pp-usertalk}} {{pp-semi-usertalk}} N/A
Sockpuppetry: N/A {{pp-semi-sock}} N/A
WP:BLP: N/A {{pp-semi-blp}} N/A
Long-term: N/A {{pp-semi-indef}} {{pp-move-indef}}
Generic (other protection): {{pp-protected}} {{pp-move}}
Scrutiny of the Office: {{pp-office}} {{pp-reset}} N/A
Talk page info: {{permanently protected}} {{temporarily protected}} N/A
Create protection: {{pp-create}} N/A

Template documentation

ar:قالب:قوالب الحماية [[bn:টেমপ�লেট:Protection templates]] [[fa:الگو:الگوهای محا�ظت]] fr:Modèle:Modèles de protection mk:Шаблон:Шаблони за заштитување arz:قالب:Protection templates ja:Template:Protection templates [[or:ଟେମ�ପଲେଟ:Protection templates]] [[sl:Predloga:Predloge za zaš�itene strani]] vi:Bản mẫu:Bản mẫu khóa trang zh:Template:Protection templates