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Come to Sudo Room every Saturday at 2:00PM to learn something new. "Today I Learned" is a series of one-off classes, workshops, and talks led by members of the Sudo Room community.

Sign up to teach a class

Please add the proposed title of your class and your name. Please make a new wiki entry for your class with as much detail as you'd like and link to it from here.

Jan. 19 Polymer Clay Millefiori, a hands on introduction to fractals

  • Title of Class: Polymer Clay Millefiori, a hands on introduction to fractals
  • Class Facilitator: Patrick
  • Cost: Free demo, scrap clay available, donations welcome, Starter Kits available
  • Interested Attendees:

Jan 26 Vanilla: From Bean to Ice Cream

Title of Class: Vanilla: From Bean to Ice Cream

  • Class Facilitator: Ray the Ice Cream Man has made ice cream for Bi-Rite Creamery, iScream, & Silbermann's. He lead the innovation lab (the infamous NOM Team) at Fentons. His last gig was the ice cream designer for the opening of the Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco. Ray is currently launching his own venture, Atomic Ice Cream, and starting a motorcyle gang.
  • Description: Vanilla is yummy. And fascinating. This is a class into the history, botany, and appreciation of one of the most ubiquitous tastes and smells in our culture. We will make vanilla extract (everybody goes home with a bottle of extract), taste single origin vanilla ice creams and learn how to make a Philadelphia style vanilla ice cream (everybody goes home with a container of ice cream). There will be a low class fee for materials (approximately $5) and an empty pint container for generous donations.
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. Diana (talk)
  2. VMittal
  3. Julio (talk)
  4. mfb
  5. Tunabananas (talk)
  6. Vicky
  7. Anthony Di Franco (motorcycle gang)
  8. Angie
  9. garrettr (and friends!)
  10. Juul (talk)
  11. Christine
  12. Joe
  13. Brandon

Feb. 2 No Class

  • No Class
  • Common Room being used for Raw Food event

Feb. 9 Sewing Hackathon

  • Title of Class: Sewing Hackathon
    • This will be an expanded version (1-4PM) of the mini-workshop we held this summer featuring the opportunity to add LEDs to your garments, patch holes, add pockets, or otherwise hack up boring old clothes into the new wave of the future! We will also be sharing ways to make your own wearable bike light. We will have clothes for you to modify and take apart, but we encourage you to bring any materials/clothes that you would be interested in modifying.
  • Class Facilitator: Rachel
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. Liz
  2. you

Feb. 16: Livelihood Hacking AND Teaching Techniques Collaborative Workshop

  • Title of Class: Livelihood Hacking
    • Your biggest regular/monthly expense is likely rent followed by food, which also happen to cover some of the more basic needs. Significantly reducing the financial costs of these significantly increases potential ways to live ones life. Morten lives comfortably for $500 a month and will talk a bit about how that looks like, throw some ideas for how it might be replicated in your context, and together we will further explore this topic of livelihood hacking in a workshop setting.
    • Class Facilitator: Factotum (Morten H. D. Fuglsang)
    • Time: 4pm -> ~5.5PM
    • Interested Attendees: you,
  • Title of Class: Teaching Techniques Collaborative Workshop
    • This will be about how to be a better teacher, as well as how to expand the TIL program and teach material outside of our collective comfort zone. We will also aim to create a sudo wiki entry on this material. It'll be hosted as a potluck.
    • Class Facilitator: Sam
    • Time: 5.45PM
    • Interested Attendees: you,

Feb. 23 Optimize Rational Inquiry: How Bayesian Statistics Can Help You Reason! AND How to Build a Naive Bayes Spam Filter

  • Class Facilitators: Sam T, Anthony Repetto, Anthony DiFranco
  • Time: 2:00PM - 4:00PM
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. Ray
  2. George
  3. Matty
  4. you

Mar 2. PAUSED for Workshop Weekend

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

Mar. 9 Jewelry-making and jewelry repair

  • Title of Class: Jewelry-making and jewelry repair
    • Bring broken and second hand jewelry plus any beads or other bits you have on hand and we will learn how to take apart old jewelry to make new creations. We will also have people on hand to help you repair any broken jewelry. Bring yourself and a friend, we’ll have snacks!
  • Class Facilitator: Jane
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. mk30
  2. Tunabananas (talk)
  3. You!

Mar. 16 : Just enought Sketch-up to pretend you can 3d model

  1. IsThisThingOn (talk)
  2. Tunabananas (talk) 22:35, 12 January 2013 (CET)
  3. Bleeblahblue (talk) 21:38, 5 February 2013 (UTC)

Mar 23. Workshop: Intro to Electronics / Learn to Solder (with Mitch Altman)

  • Title of Class: Workshop: Intro to Electronics / Learn to Solder (with Mitch Altman)
  • Class Facilitator: Mitch Altman
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. Matt (talk)
  2. Tunabananas (talk)
  3. Factotum
  4. newbs!
  5. experts!

Mar. 30 Intro to Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

  • Title of Class: Intro to Bicycle Repair and Maintenance.
    • Come learn how your bike works and how to do basic bicycle maintenance and repair. Feel free to bring your bike!
    • Bring tools, materials, parts, and other useful supplies as a drive to fill our space with more bike essentials!
    • Read More
  • Class Facilitator: Matt (talk)
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. Julio (talk)
  2. Tunabananas (talk)
  3. you

Apr. 6 Audio Recording 101

  • Title of Class: Audio Recording 101
  • Class Facilitator: Shani
    • In this class, we'll go over the tools, terminology and applications you'll need to get crackin' on a variety of audio endeavors.
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. Maximilianklein (talk) 15:18, 27 February 2013 (UTC)
  2. you

Apr. 13 Clothes Hacking

  • Title of Class: Clothes Hacking
    • low key sewing workshop. Bring ideas, projects you are stuck on, clothes that need repair, an extra machine if you have one or just yourself. We have a scrap heap and clothes you can have!
  • Class Facilitator: rachel lyra
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

Apr. 20

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

Apr. 27

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

May 4

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

May 11

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

May 18

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

May 25

  • Title of Class:
  • Class Facilitator:
  • Interested Attendees:
  1. you

I would love to attend a class/workshop on:

  • open source install day
  • raspberry pi primer
  • arduino (hol?)
  • audio production/radio
  • tech support - fix my browser, my computer is slow, etc. intro to computers and troubleshooting.
  • knitting circle/knitting class
  • 3D printer class - how to use it, how to model, how it works
  • approaches to teaching/tutoring technical topics
  • python (x2)
  • lockpicking
  • intro to networking
  • OpenWrt
  • Build a portable stereo from choosing the amp (ie 41hz' amp6-basic), soldering it, choosing speaker components, designing casing for aucustics, making casing, putting it together!
  • letterpress