Toward a Federation of East Bay Hackerspaces

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RPS Collective visitor touring the SudoRoom hackerspace
SudoRoom table at the Noisebridge Benefit

Points of Unity

  • Unity through diversity

Rock Paper Scissors Collective

Romy used to volunteer at the Rock Paper Scissors Collective down the street.

MaximillianKlein is now volunteering! so we have a direct connection

They are really nice but they have a lot of stuff on their plate. Don't be offended if they say they can't do something, or if they don't get back to you very quickly. They founded the Oakland Art Murmur and it is a non profit without much money, staffed by volunteers, with many demands made on them so things move slowly.

Hack the Gallery

Patrick runs Hack the Gallery in Berkeley.

Hack the Gallery in Berkeley

Collectives & Hackerspaces in Foreign Countries

Cambodian Hackerspace

John Weeks, an American who went to Santa Cruz, helps run a Cambodian hackerspace and comic book workshop for Cambodian young professionals, street children and communities in Cambodia. It would be highly excellent to establish an online connection with this idealistic non-profit that does cool things.

They have 24 hour comic book days,computer workshops and graphic designs.