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Jack London Square Amtrak.jpg

We need a SudoRoom wiki page on trains. Many members are huge train enthusiasts, taking the Capitol Corridor to work on the South Bay or the Caltrain. A lot of SudoRoom members regularly Amtrak their way to hacker conferences all over the country!

Nerds are fierce bike and Caltrain advocates in Silicon Valley, and they are known to pelt well meaning but surprised officials with elaborate spreadsheets explaining the lower cost per rider of a bike train place than a parking spot place. It'd be cool to see more hacker advocacy, as local trains have increased service this year on the Amtrak due to higher ridership.

Preliminary Wondering

  • How do trains work?
  • Are trains still hackable?
  • What ever happened to model trains building and collecting? How will we live with ourselves until the 2019, when the model train section of the Deutsches Museum is open for the public again?
  • Will the USA ever get the gleaming speed trains being put up with blinding speed in China?
  • Has anyone ever tried to illegally hack together a new railways system in some kind of squatter/burning man area or interesting part of town?
  • Some people are building handmade railcars to explore abandoned railway systems at the TechShop - Neat!