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I originally hail from Texas. Academically, I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering (never once touching a multimeter, a failing I didn't correct until years later) and not quite completing a master's in Visualization Sciences at Texas A&M. I've spent the years since wrangling a medium-ish compute cluster and maintaining the scheduling software used for it. I'm proficient in Python because it's my day-to-day language, but I've done at least some professional work with JavaScript and Haskell, and I can get by with Clojure and C/C++. I have a fair amount of experience with HTTP backend services.

I've never considered myself a very artistic person because I often lack the creative vision for it. I do like building infrastructure that enables people who *do* have that vision to execute it, though.

I'm trying to learn more about home-built portable electronics like wearables. In school I was interested in both augmented reality and bioinformatics: although I pursued neither I've remained interested. Wearables are a roundabout way of accomplishing AR that hadn't occurred to me at the time back then--you can still enrich your interactions with the world around you without having to superimpose something over your field of vision. I don't know what I have to bring to that table, but it's something I want to experiment with.