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DJ Lakshmi (Julio.C Andujar) is a Cuban/Spanish American Artist, Producer and Designer also known as"the Cuban" or "Macario Galan", from San Diego,California . His music combines elements of World Music ,Kirtan(Hindu Devotional Chanting), Electronic Dance and Urban genres. First exposed to the music industry through hip-hop music production and ghost writing in Hollywood, CA, Dj Lakshmi produced politically motivated gangsta rap with brothers Mellowman Ace and Senn Dogg of Cypress Hill and Latin Thug Records at age 18. Finding himself aligned with legendary West Coast Event promoters WeAreOne (Narnia, Superstar Freaks, Earthdance) and American DJs like UNKUT, Nemo ,and DJ Ras his tastes began to shift into the exciting UK sounds of first wave Electronic music. After working with UK Legends NICO, Fierce, and Dom and Roland Lakshmi Das began freely releasing his own American Drum and Bass albums throughout Southern California and Miami under "The Cuban" moniker with support from Interference Records, the We Are One Family Church and the Cuban Coalition.