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sudo introduce --byNameOrNym 'Timon'

I identify as a geek of software, protocols, and human languages, who wants to build cool gizmos together with fellow tinkerers. I am also a guy who had an Apple //e from ComputerLand, where I worked after junior year in junior-high, and read about Woz and things and realized that unlike everyone else in my family (just two 'rents), I was business-ambitious and wanted to build something that got in front of masses of people. That lead me to decide I was an eventual entrepreneur. I've pretty much been putting plans made then (like, from the age of … something prepubescent) into action, slowly over time, and the feeling that I was going to start very soon was just whelming as I met Eddan and the sudoers. The large part of me right now that is not either a) focussed on paying the rent and stabilizing my living/storage situation, or b) dealing with personal drama, is c) really looking for other enthusable people to do a tech start-up with. I have technologies and business models bouncing around on and off paper and electrons, and am again enjoying hanging out with the other cool, compassionate, human idea-havers at sudo room.

My main focus is semi-automatable and gamifiable business-governance systems that allow virtual companies (benefit-co LLCs, for example) to emerge in a Geekdom-Meets-MTVRealWorld game-competition-reality-programming kind of way. If I lived in the warehouse of my dreams, with 2-5 other people/patrtnerships, each of us incubating our own startups, mine would be focussed on a language-and-music-learning crowdsourced-methodology play. It is anyway, but still….

I'm a generally convivial sort, require that people I hang out with give each other and me the benefit of the doubt w/r/t learning how we can change habits to become less annoying to each other, and I expect everyone to act like a "good parent" and thus to proactively explain how to do so, instead of just being manifestly annoyed. This is probably because I am a Daddy, and hold myself to treating my kids that way. I fit in quite well at Noisebridge, in SF, and the "Be Awesome to Each Other" ideal, or did until I moved to this side of the bay in 2010. I used to buttle (serve drinks and candy, in my butler's outfit, and take suggestions for other services I could do) there.

Basically, my ideal hackerspace is a combination of the comic-book fortress of cross-trained super geniuses that are going to fix the world, and the Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang kitchen, with Charles Stross' Accellerando (free online sic fi) and Cory Doctorow's Makers (ditto), and further sci-fi I am writing in my head about the crowd-funded coalescence of whatever replaces the web with scalable (Opencobalt? Teatime!), open-platform 3D-immersion of the sort Second Life should have been.

My secret dream is for geeks to run a Wall Street Giant financial enterprise during the last days of traditional Scalar Capitalism, and thus to be able to show a viable model for dismantling things into something more distributed/emergent/peer-auditable in the post-dollar-capitalist age, should Calamity bring us into one. And to be ready for that, all because of the software we are secretly(?) using in our back office.

The tools I dream in are: The overdue-since-Jan1st JOBS Act SEC rules, California B-Corporation rules, ECMAScript, Squeak, Python/SAGE, NOMICs, instrumented black-letter-law, Contract Law, Nego. Instruments / Securites Law, convertible debentures, and the UCC, and pseudonimity+zero-knowledge proofs+TCP/IP+UnicodeYAML, Simulated Bicameral Sentient Biotes

I love music (singing and whistling) and don't know what my first fluent instrument will be, but want to start soon. Anyone who enjoys jamming, feel free to hit me up. Or if you have a Uke I can trade a guitar or violin for.

Items I'd like [you] to know if I [you] were deciding whether or not to contact me [you] ---------------

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Things I can help you learn JAPANESE, Linguistics (general, articulatory phonetics, applied, NLP, etc.) How corporate governance works / has changed Into to non-criminal non-military legal system(s) How to learn any language or accent Whistling, warbling, and single-voice and overtone singing Intro to notions of quantum physics and cognitive science

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