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  • who are you: marina
  • irc nick: mk30
  • what do you work on // what do you want to work on: Sudo Radio, oakland wiki, SudoKids, Today I Learned, inclusivity
  • what hours do you usually work: weeknight evenings, weekends
  • if you have a conflict with me, how should you approach me?: i prefer in person discussion in a nonaggressive and nonconfrontational manner.
  • what resources do you have to offer?: collaboration, learning, communication, love of every human & belief in their ability to grow
  • workshops/classes you'd like to lead or have lead in the past: computer dissection
  • what would you want to learn/what classes would you want to take?: python, linux command line, building things, audio production, bicycle repair
  • what equipment would you be interested in?: more computers, book scanner, art supplies (especially child-friendly art supplies)
  • what else would you like to share about yourself? i am interested in growing sudo room as an inclusive and empowering space. i am happy to speak with new members, anyone who might be interested in sudo room, and anyone who has an idea for a project they'd like to do at sudo room.