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Hi, I'm Rabbit.


  • irc: rabbitface
  • email: same thing but at gmail
  • tumblr: ask me
  • github: longears

Skills I can share

  • python
  • procedural poetry generation / algorithmic writing
  • procedural art of all kinds
  • photography
  • 3d modeling, 3d scanning, 3d rendering, 3d printing
  • consensus facilitation
  • fire poi
  • comics!! drawing, figure drawing, digital painting
  • making/recording music with Ableton Live
  • ukulele

Things I'm learning now or want to learn

  • javascript, css, frontend web design
  • laser cutting / CNC milling and designing things to be made that way, inkscape
  • p2p / decentralized systems
  • mesh networking
  • hardware (arduino, circuits, motors)
  • bitcoin

Social / political interests

  • queerness, gender, genderqueerness, trans*-ness
  • consent, kink, sex-positive culture
  • cooperative housing, business, etc
  • compassion
  • non-hierarchicality
  • nyms
  • understanding & counteracting privilege
  • privacy, encryption, alternatives to Facebook etc

What hours are you around?

  • Nights & weekends. Lately I've not been at Sudo a lot in person but I'm paying attention electronically

If you have a conflict with me, how should you approach me?

  • Directly, honestly, hopefully calmly. You can treat me like an Ask Culture person.

Workshops/classes you'd like to lead or have lead in the past

  • 3d printing

What equipment would you be interested in?

  • Would like to learn to use the CNC Mill. Wish we had a laser cutter.


  • I prefer nongendered ones, like they/them/theirs, but it's not a super strong preference


  • I REALLY want Sudo to be a safe space. If you are a person with less privilege in Sudo's space and you don't feel safe speaking up about something messed up, I will listen or support or speak up for you if you ask me to, particularly about trans*, gender, queer, and consent issues.